Concluded Workshop – Tuesday November 8


Date:  Tuesday November 8 2016
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Arts Council of New Westminster The Gallery at Queen’s Park
Presenter: JM Landels
Cost:                RCLAS Members $15; Non-members $25

Participants will learn:

  • when, why and how to submit to magazines, journals and anthologies
  • how to track submissions
  • how to choose markets
  • will come away with a list of potential markets for their styles of work

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JM Landels is a publisher and editor at Pulp Literature magazine, where she wears nearly as many hats as Bartholomew Cubbins: writer, editor, artist, equestrian and swordswoman are just a few.

After acquiring her degree in Mediaeval English Literature, she went to London to get a Ph.D. in English; but, instead dyed her hair pink and joined a rock band. If you think this was a wise move, then Pulp Literature is the magazine for you.

She currently splits her time between working on Pulp Literature, managing Red Colt Equestrian Farm Co-op and teaching Mounted Combat for “Academie Duello”.

As well, she:

– is a founding editor of Pulp Literature

– has given talks and panels at Write Vancouver, Golden Ears Writers, Creative Ink Festival, VPL (Sword & Pen)

– teaches Hour Stories workshops at retreats in Vancouver and Bowen Island

– is a freelance editor since 2008

– is a developmental & production editor since 2013