January 2019

Dear Royal City Literary Arts Society Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a wonderful, happy and creative new year. The New Year is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. The worst of the winter is over and spring will not be long coming.

Now is the time
to be brave,
pick up the pen,
open the laptop
and start again!
Writing will always be a long term game. When we feel like giving up that is the very time to continue. In the honest knowing and self- reflection that you have not reached your best, there is the seed of new creativity ready to germinate. Embrace that doubt, hold it for your own, warm it through and let it grow new shoots.
The world needs good writers. Good writing illuminates the human experience, tells us who we are, who we are not, how to love and how not to love. Becoming a good writer is the end point of a hard journey and possibly not all of us will get there and become the best we can be. There is however all the fun in the universe, all the being part of a community, all the friendship you can hope for to be discovered along the way.

We on the Board of RCLAS look forward to continuing with you on that journey and to helping you on your way in 2019.

Onward and upwards, one and all!

Alan Hill

RCLAS President
alanhill at rclas [dot] com