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Isabella Mori Haiku ZOOM WorkshopJune 27 2020

May2020 RCLAS wordplay at work COVER VS3

In Celebration of National Poetry Month, April 2020.
A co-operative, ekphrastic poem compiled by Janet Kvammen featuring poetry by 24 RCLAS poets.

Published online in the April 2020 Issue of the Royal City Literary Arts Society’s online magazine.
Contributing poets in order of appearance: W. Ruth Kozak | Aidan Chafe | Hope Lauterbach |

Candice James | Deborah L. Kelly | Julia Schoennagel |Kathy Figueroa | H.W. Bryce | Carol Johnson | Una Bruhns | Ashok Bhargava | K.B. Nelson | Stephen Karr | George Chris Michas | Ruth Hill | Warren Dean Fulton | Jenny Ihaksi | Angela Kenyon | Lozan Yamolky | Glenn Wootton | Angel Edwards | Alan Girling | Janet Kvammen | Alan Hill |

Acknowledgements Ekphrastic Writing Prompt: “river as muse” artography by Janet Kvammen
Poem Title: Thanks to Alan Hill, title inspired by his book We Came From Water (Silver Bow Publishing)

Co-op Poem 8 by 11 sheet

Co-op Poem 11 by 17 sheet