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April 2023 RCLAS Ezine Wordplay at Work, Issue 98

ISSN 2291- 4269, 42 pages. 

2023 Write on! Contest Call for Submissions Deadline May 1.

Welcome to our National Poetry Month special edition including a new ekphrastic co-operative poem “Lady Pattullo” compiled by Janet Kvammen.  Thank you to each of the 24 poets who contributed 2 lines each.

Candice James | Isabella Mori | Franci Louann | Sally Quon | Bill Arnott | Carol Johnson | Michele Rule | Jude Neale | H.W. Bryce | Kathy Figueroa | Lyn Ayre | Angela Kenyon | Una D. Bruhns | Cynthia Sharp | Garry Ward | Julia Schoennagel | Lisa Reynolds | Lesley Hebert | Natalie Hryciuk | Jessica Lee McMillan | Lisa Strong | Janet Kvammen |Alan Hill | Elliott Slinn  

Issue 98 also includes poetry contributions from: Elliott Slinn, Candice James, Alan Hill, Deborah L. Kelly, Jessica Lee McMillan, Bill Arnott, Jenny Ihaksi, Jennifer Getsinger, Una Bruhns,  Isabella Mori, Kathy Figueroa, Cynthia Sharp, Jerena Tobiasen.

Plus a National Poetry Month Flashback to our 2022 co-operative poem “Bridging the Gap” compiled by Janet Kvammen. Featuring 22 poets: Candice James | Kathy Figueroa| Jude Neale | Angela Rebrec | Tamara Gorin | Jerena Tobiasen | KB Nelson | Celeste Snowber | Angela Kenyon | Alan Girling | Glenn Wootton | Deborah L. Kelly | Warren Dean Fulton | Isabella Mori | Stephen Karr | H.W. Bryce | W. Ruth Kozak | Carol Johnson |Julia Schoennagel |Jessica Lee McMillan | Alan Hill | Janet Kvammen

Thank you to the many writers featured in this edition of Wordplay at work.


Editor/Graphic Design: Janet Kvammen, RCLAS President.

Link: https://issuu.com/rclas/docs/april_may_2023_rclas_wordplay_at_work_issue_98