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Celebrate with Us


The Royal City Literary Arts Society is very pleased to announce the 2020 Longlist for the 7th Annual Fred Cogswell Award For Excellence in Poetry.

“The 2020 Longlist is long indeed. Out of the 115 books I read (and, in many cases, re-read) there were at least twenty strong collections of poetry that could have been on this long list. But that was not possible. Here are ten exceptional books of poetry published in Canada in 2019. Read them. Experience them. Be inspired and changed by them.”
Rachel Rose, 2020 Cogswell Award Judge

2020 Cogswell Longlist (alphabetical by author):

“Renaissance Normcore” by Adèle Barclay (Nightwood Editions)

“Under the Gamma Camera” by Madeline Bassnett (Gaspereau Press) 

“Fresh Pack of Smokes” by Cassandra Blanchard (Nightwood Editions)

“What is Long Past Occurs in Full Light” by Marilyn Bowering (Mother Tongue Publishing)

“The Dark Set” by Tim Bowling (Buckrider Books/Wolsak&Wynn)

“Salt and Ashes” by Adrienne Drobnies (Signature Editions) 

“How She Read” by Chantal Gibson (Caitlin Press)

“Wild Madder” by Brenda Leifso (Brick Books)

“The Danger Model” by Madelaine Caritas Longman (McGill-Queen’s University Press)

“Insult to the Brain” by Nicola Vulpe   (Guernica Editions)

The Top 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd ) will be announced in early December.

Good Luck!

Janet Kvammen
on behalf of President Alan Hill and RCLAS Board of Directors

October 2020 RCLAS Ezine Wordplay at Work, Issue 77
ISSN 2291- 4269,
74 pages.  

Issue 77:
2020 Write on! Contest Non-Fiction Feature with winning stories from Karin Hedetniemi “The Tail of a Comet”/ Pete Crutchfield “Heartbreak Journal”/
Jennifer M. Smith/ “The Jackknife”/ Leesa Hanna “Father’s Day Shopping Spree”/ Janaya Fuller Evans “Walking Naked”/ Alex Hamilton-Brown “On My Way”. Thank you to our 2020 Non-Fiction judge Bryant Ross.

Contributions from RCLAS Members include poetry and stories from Candice James, Jenny Ihaksi, Deborah L. Kelly, Angel Edwards, W. Ruth Kozak, Jessica Lee McMillan, H.W. Bryce, Julia Schoennagel, Jerena Tobiasen, Sherry Duggal, Isabella Mori, Ruth Hill, Donna Terril, Kathy Figueroa, Janet Kvammen.

Editor/Graphic Designer: Janet Kvammen, RCLAS Vice-President.