Author: rclasonline

Spring Programming

We are pleased to present our National Poetry Month co-operative poem “Bridging the Gap” compiled by Janet Kvammen.  Thank you to our participating members who each contributed a two line couplet, 22 poets for 2022:
Candice James | Kathy Figueroa| Jude Neale | Angela Rebrec | Tamara Gorin | Jerena Tobiasen | KB Nelson | Celeste Snowber | Angela Kenyon | Alan Girling | Glenn Wootton | Deborah L. Kelly | Warren Dean Fulton | Isabella Mori | Stephen Karr | H.W. Bryce | W. Ruth Kozak | Carol Johnson |Julia Schoennagel |Jessica Lee McMillan | Alan Hill | Janet Kvammen |

Video of PJ with the PoLo’s – 56 min.