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Tatiana Bobko Workshop NOV 2018

RCLAS Writing Workshop: “Developing Creativity by Playing (and Ending the battle with Perfectionism)”  Facilitator:  Tatiana A. Bobko

Date: Saturday November 17, 2018

Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: Anvil Centre, Room 413A

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Workshop Fees: RCLAS Members $15/Non-members $25

Description: We are all infinitely creative beings with limitless potential, but there are times when we just don’t feel very creative. Daily tasks and life responsibilities get in the way. Sometimes we have a time allotted to writing or creating something and the creativity is just not there. How do we kick-start it so we have an opportunity to develop ideas? When does the real flow start? How do we let go and surrender to what wants to come out? If the biggest killer of creativity is perfection then it all starts when we open our minds and hearts, start playing and experiment without expectation and let go of control of how things will turn out. In this workshop we will explore how to help your creativity come out and play when it just doesn’t feel like cooperating. We will use many creativity exercises to open up our minds and spark our imaginations. We are talented, creative humans, it’s just sometimes we need a little inspiration to get the juices flowing. I will provide you with some useful tools and teach you some simple tricks on how to stop procrastinating, accept your limitations (nobody’s perfect!) and play. So let the inner child come out and let’s explore the inner world together. Embarrassments, perfection and writer’s block be gone. Fun, experimentation and flow is what is needed to dissolve writer’s block and battle the endless race for perfection. Writing and creating anything is supposed to be fun, so let’s make it so.

The objectives of this workshop are to play, add to your tool belt some exercises you can use on a regular basis to spark your own creativity, to be surrounded by a learn from a community of writers who are in the same boat as you – we are all flawed no matter how much we strive for perfection and we all go through times when we just don’t feel creative. My hope is you will come out feeling lighter, brighter and feeling more inspired to incorporate play more into your life.


Tatiana A. Bobko was born in Siberia and immigrated to Canada 23 years ago. She has been manifesting creative works of art – written word, visual art, performing art since as far back as she can remember. She see’s beauty in the mundane, the random and the discarded. Tatiana notices patterns, reflections and symbolism in everything and records it in poetry and prose or captures it through images – through photography, collage, drawing and painting. She is in awe of the intricacy of nature and all the forms life takes place, life’s fragility and kindness and generosity of this planet’s beings. Tatiana is “uber-creative”, from how she crafts her dinner to how she organizes her day to how she makes art. She believes life is a spontaneous creative flow, and she has many tips she would love to share with others. Come to her workshop and play!

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