Online Workshop
RCLAS presents “Show Versus Tell – Getting the Balance Right in Your Manuscripts”    
Facilitator: Eileen Cook
Date: Saturday May 1, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
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We know great description allows a reader to dive deep into a character’s POV and picture the scene, but we don’t want to have so much description that we slow the pacing and don’t have enough action to keep readers turning the page.  

This workshop will discuss what description works, when you want to use it, as well as how to balance it with action.

Come with your laptop and pen ready as there will be prompts and things to get you thinking about your manuscript.

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In second grade Eileen’s teacher wrote on a homework assignment “I am sure someday you will be an author” which is a tribute to the psychic abilities of elementary school teachers, as well as Eileen penchant for making things up. While she would go on to fill endless notebooks with really bad poetry, short stories, and the occasional start to a novel, she would first go on to pursue a career as a counsellor working with individuals with catastrophic injuries and illness.

Eileen quickly discovered that the challenge of working with real people is that they have real problems and she returned to writing where she could make her characters do what she wanted. Her first novel was published in 2008. Entertainment Weekly called her novel WITH MALICE a “seriously creepy thriller” which pretty much made her entire year.

When not planning murder and mayhem on the computer, Eileen enjoys reading, knitting, yelling at her dogs to stop digging holes and watching hockey (which she is required to do as a new Canadian.)

Eileen is a popular speaker at conferences both in the US and in Canada, provides writing/editorial coaching, and is a mentor/instructor for The Creative Academy and the Simon Fraser University The Writer’s Studio.


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