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RCLAS Writing Workshop: “What’s Your Story?
Facilitator:  Caitlin Hicks
Date: Saturday June 15, 2019
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: Anvil Centre, 4th Floor. Rm 417

                 Close to New West Skytrain Station.

                 Wheelchair Accessible.

Workshop Fees: RCLAS Members $15/Non-members $25

Payment available online

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WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: In What’s Your Story? Hicks shares her personal, emotional journey of discovery which inspires her all her work, fiction and non-fiction. She discusses how emotional resonance in your work brings it to an essential level of engagement with your audience, and how to get at that resonance and bring it out through your writing.

Beginning with the personal story, Hicks challenges participants to find a narrative from their own lives and to examine the assumptions this story contains. What kind of influence does this story have on who you are and who you have spent your life becoming?

Hicks invites participants to find the resonant among the big and small incidents of their lives, and to identify the thought processes and beliefs inherent in these stories. Participants will be triggered to hunt for the detail that finds these stories in their own lives and to dig deeply for their unique narrative, and how that personal experience plays out in their minds and in their writing.  Hicks welcomes participants to bring journal notes, photographs and pieces of memorabilia to discover the unique point of view inherent in all their work. Writers with works-in-progress will examine their writing for the whisper of their backstory and to bring through the writing, the emotional resonance that underlies its inspiration.

BIO: Caitlin Hicks, is an international playwright, acclaimed actress and prize-winning author in British Columbia, Canada. A natural performer, first entertaining her enormous Catholic family with home-made skits and dramas, then as a professional, touring character-based monologues and theatrical presentations, Hicks developed the ability to hold an audience in laughter and tears, in suspenseful silence and raucous laughter. Her play Singing the Bones toured internationally as a theatre production and was adapted to film, premiering at the Montreal World Film Festival (2001) to excellent reviews. Her debut novel A Theory of Expanded Love won iBooks Best New Fiction (Spring 2015) and numerous other awards in the United States. She has worked as a writer for CBS and NBC radio in San Francisco and has performed her monologues and commentary for CBC local and national radio. Her writing has been published in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Vancouver Sun, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Fiddlehead Magazine, Knight Literary Journal and other publications.

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