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2021 Write on! Contest Call for Submissions Deadline Extension May 1.

Welcome to our National Poetry Month special edition including an ekphrastic co-operative poem “We Came From the Forest” compiled by Janet Kvammen.  Thank you to each of the 24 poets: Lozan Yamolky | Alan Girling | Angela Kenyon | Julia Schoennagel | Kathy Figueroa | Aidan Chafe | Heather Allane Hiebert | Glenn Wootton | Stephen Karr |Celeste Snowber | George Chris Michas | Barry Plamondon | Carol Johnson | Una Bruhns | Sherry Duggal|Candice James | Deborah L. Kelly | Isabella Mori | Angela Rebrec | Cynthia Sharp | H.W. Bryce | Jessica Lee McMillan | Janet Kvammen | Alan Hill.

Issue 83 includes 30 poems by RCLAS members, (one for each day of the month!) Thank you to the many writers featured in this edition of Wordplay at work: Alan Hill, Candice James, Jessica Lee McMillan, Stephen Karr, Deborah L. Kelly, Jenny Ihaksi, Ashok Bhargava, Jerena Tobiasen, Angela Rebrec, H.W. Bryce, Carol Johnson, Angela Kenyon, Lesley Hebert, Celeste Snowber, Kathy Figueroa, Isabella Mori, Julia Schoennagel, Barry Plamondon, Janet Kvammen. In addition we are revisiting 2 previously published poems by the late d.n. simmers. Our upcoming Zoom events include Tellers of Short Tales, Poetic Justice, In Their Words and workshops!

Editor/Graphic Design: Janet Kvammen, RCLAS Vice-President.