Jumping into Fall Events

Sept 2021 RCLAS Ezine Wordplay at Work, Issue 85 ISSN 2291- 4269, 79 pages.  

2021 Fred Cogswell Award information. Deadline Oct 1, 2021.

2021 Write on! Contest POETRY winners Special Feature with winning poems by Natalie Hryciuk, P.W. Bridgman, Alvin Ens, Madeline Ewanyshyn, Gerald Murphy, Diana Hayes.

Issue 85 includes work by RCLAS members: Alan Hill, Jessica Lee McMillan, H.W. Bryce, Glenn Wootton, Kathy Figueroa, Lesley Hebert, Stephen Karr, Janet Kvammen, Pandora Ballard, Eugene Ip, Deborah L. Kelly, Jenny Ihaksi, Jerena Tobiasen, Candice James.

Our upcoming Zoom events include Poetic Justice, Tellers of Short Tales, and In Their Words.


Editor/Graphic Design: Janet Kvammen

Link: https://issuu.com/rclas/docs/september_2021_ezine_issue_85

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