2014 Award Winners

Poetry (Judge: Jonina Kirton)
1st – “Papi Thundercloud” by Aidan Chafe
2nd – “The Kid Who Hid His Head in a Box” by Max Tell
3rd – “Western Bleeding Heart: Dicentra Formosa” by Vanessa Winn
HM – “Nurse” by Spring Hawes
HM – “A Great & Glorious Rage” by Alan Hill
HM – “The Fog” by Kyle McKillop

Fiction (Judge: Antonia Levi)
1st – “Northern Neighbours” by Clarissa P. Green
2nd – “Amid Ravens, a Reader” by Kyle McKillop
3rd – “Tango, Solo” by Elizabeth Schofield
HM – “Balance” by Julie MacLellan
HM – “Forever, You Said” by Julie MacLellan
HM – “A Night to Remember” by Jen Ryan

Non-Fiction (Judge: Corey Levine)
1st – “Three Days out of Uyuni” by Kyle McKillop
2nd – “Tomorrow is Another Day” by Karen Faryna
3rd – “Etched on Stone” Donna Terrill
HM – “The Craters” By Alexander Birkbeck
HM – “Just Like Her Mom” by Jude Neale
HM- “Defying the Odds” by Donna Terrill