Board Directors Jan 2020Volunteers Jan 2020


President: Alan Hill
Vice-President:  Janet Kvammen
Secretary: Lozan Yamolky
Treasurer:  Carol Johnson
Director:  Lisa Strong (Managing RCLAS website only)
Director: Deborah White
Director: Sarah Wethered

Past Presidents
Nasreen Pejvack (May 2016 – July 2018) 
Kyle McKillop (June 2014 – Dec 2015)
Candice James (Apr 2013-Dec 2014) 

Founding Members
Candice James
Janet Kvammen
Ken Ader
Gavin Hainsworth
Renée Saklikar

Please Note:
According to our RCLAS Bylaws the term for Presidency is two years. However, we understand that this is volunteer work and people may find it difficult and need to leave, which is fine. Nevertheless, to earn and hold the term “Past President” you should have been in that capacity at least one year.