In Their Words: A Royal City Reading Series

In Their Words happens at the New West Public Library on the 3rd Tuesday of every other month. Four feature speakers present their favourite author from any genre in poetry, fiction, non-fiction or drama. Presentations include a brief commentary about the author and a reading of selections that exemplify what the presenter loves about the author’s work. A short Q&A follows each presenter.





2017 May 16 RCLAS In Their Words.jpg

At previous In Their Words evenings

Sunday April 2

Carol Narod – reads Thomas Hardy (literary fiction)
Kyle McKillop – reads Patrick Lane (poetry)
Sylvia Symons – reads Evelyn Lau (poetry / creative non-fiction)
Sana Ziist Janjua – reads Eduardo Galeano (social commentary)

Valerie Adolph read Emily Carr – memoir
Aidan Chafe read Jeffrey McDaniel – poetry
Barbara Jean read Raymond Carver – literary fiction

November 15th, 2016
Bill Marles reads B. Traven – adventure fiction
Murray Hill reads Laurie Anderson – song lyrics
Shula Klinger reads Meg Rosoff – young adult fiction
George Chris Michas reads Samuel  Taylor Coleridge – poetry

September 20th, 2016
Don Hauka reads Patrick O’Brien – historical adventure
Franci Louann reads George Elliott Clarke – poetry
Mohamad Kebbewar reads Edward Said – cultural  criticism
SheLa Nefertiti Morrison reads Karen Connelly – literary fiction

July 19th, 2016
Christopher Hamilton read Joseph Campbell – non-fiction
Nasreen Pejvack read Romain Rolland – fiction & non-fiction
Bernice Lever read Dorothy Livesay – poetry
Toni Levi read Margaret Atwood – Canadian literary fiction

May 17th, 2016: the launch of In Their Words
Jonathan Coté read Jane Jacobs – non-fiction: urban studies
Alan Hill read Mordecai Richler – Canadian literary fiction
Ruth Kozak read Mary Renault – historical fiction
Lilija Valis read Osip Mandelstam – Russian poetry
Britta Poschenrieder read Neil Gaiman – fantasy fiction